Finding Affordable Health Coverage When Changing Jobs

A job change can have a drastic effect on a person's life. If necessary, there may be a move from one city to another, the changing of 401K plans and other benefits. When moving on in a career, many find they need to seek out new health coverage. They will no longer be under their previous employer's plan. The transition can be made easier by following a few steps.

The first thing a person should do is know their previous benefit package. Having the rundown of the coverage, minimums, maximums, and extent of coverage can help guide the process of selecting a new health coverage plan. Sometimes circumstances change, so now would be the time to review the previous plan's coverage. For instance, perhaps you'll be thinking of starting a family with the wife during the next six months to a year. If so then the new health coverage should cover maternity costs.

Finding affordable health coverage when changing jobs really means shopping around for a good deal. If you happen to be unemployed for a period of time, then you may check Medicaid requirements for eligibility. Of course, affordable insurance can be found on your own through select companies catering to your state of residence. It would be best to contact several of these providers and fill out their preliminary forms so you can gauge the cost of health coverage. Once you have a few separate quotes, you can make an informed decision on which plan best suits your particular circumstance.

It's also important to know your rights. Some states have laws in effect that make it illegal for insurers to deny applications based on pre-existing conditions. Look to your state's health insurance laws when finding affordable health coverage when changing jobs. If you have a pre-existing health condition, or any other concern about obtaining coverage, then it would be wise to know your rights and state law.

Of course, many employers offer health coverage to their employees. Assuming you've taken a job with better pay and benefits, your new employer will be assisting you with setting up your health insurance. If your new job has moved you to a new city, then it might be wise to read up on the hospitals and institutions available to you there.

When you become employed you'll likely enroll in the health insurance coverage at that time. Many large companies have open enrollment periods where you can change your health benefits, including or subtracting certain options. It would be wise to determine ahead of time whether you would want to take full advantage of medical, dental and vision care through your employer's insurance provider. The decision may save you money through the course of the year.

Finding a new job can be exciting, but difficult on a family. Finding affordable health coverage when changing jobs comes down to knowing what benefits are available to you and your family through your new employer, the community, and government programs. Be informed and make decisions based on facts; it will benefit you and yours for some time to come.

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